Monday, November 23, 2009

The USPS and Apple.

It is about time. The Washington Times reported today that the Postal Service is finally making Click-N-Ship compatible with Apple Computers and the Safari Browser. Apple has a 9% market share. Apple now has a market share among consumers of at least 21%. Consumers are one of the target markets for Click-N-Ship, so this step is probably a year or more overdue.

Not being compatible with Apple computers will likely hurt the Postal Service during the peak consumer parcel shipping period starting now. Apple computers are expensive and therefore are likely more common in higher income households that are the heaviest users of mail services. These consumers are driven by convenience as much as price. If they find that shipping with UPS or FedEx is more convenient, and lines at FedEx Office, the UPS Store, Staples, Office Depot or independent shipping stores are shorter, they will use UPS or FedEx even if prices are somewhat more expensive.

According to the article, the Postal Service will have its Apple compatible Click-N-Ship operational by next summer. For the Postal Service's sake, lets hope its Iphone apps, Android apps, and Blackberry apps are as far behind competitor's similar applications.

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