Monday, November 30, 2009

Future Business Models for the USPS

The Postal Service has just posted on its website five papers on potential business models. Besides a paper presented by the Postal Service, four papers were prepared by independent consultants. As one of the four consultants, I will not comment on the other papers at this time.
The papers are lengthy and total over 200 pages so I urge those interested in the future of the Postal Service to download the papers and read them carefully as they all provide useful insights about the problems at hand.

In the next three posts, I will provide the readers of this blog with the executive summary of my paper. The links listed below connect you to the text of the executive summary and the full document. The paper is long so I urge you to take your time when reading it as well as the other papers. I know that those reading my paper will find a number of mistakes that a good edit would remove. Those who have stuck with this blog have been gracious in their willingness to overlook some of my basic logical, grammatical and typing errors and found some merit in the time that you have spent reading these posts. I look forward to comments of my readers on my paper as well as the other five papers

Executive Summary Part 1: Choosing a Mail Industry Policy
Executive Summary Part 2: Challenges facing all Business Models
Executive Summary Part 3: Potential Business Models

Full Paper: Examination of Potential Business Models

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