Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Future of the Postal Sector

Besides my presentation, the rest of the program is packed with speakers that should initiate the coming debate on future business models for the Postal Service. The topics cover viewpoints from many stakeholders, academics, comparable industries and should give attendees a good understanding of the challenges that the Postal Service faces in the years ahead. The workshop will cost $390 for those in the private sector and $200 for government and postal employees. To register follow contact the Center for Research in Regulated Industries. (The link is to the registration form.) The entire agenda is as follows:

Welcoming Remarks - Ruth Goldway, Chairman, Postal Regulatory Commission

The Future of the Postal Sector: the Elephant in the Room - Michael Crew, CRRI Professor of Regulatory Economic and Director – CRRI -

New Business Models for Tough Problems - Alan Robinson, President, Direct Communications Group

Lessons of the Great Recession from Electric Utilities - John Caldwell, Chief Economist, Edison Electric Institute

Operational Responses to Mail Volume Declines - Patrick R. Donahoe, Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating Officer, United States Postal

The Future of USPS from a Union‟s Perspective - Fred Rolando, President, National Letter Carriers Association

USPS in Good Times and Bad: Results from an Aggregate Economic Model - William Miller, Economist, Postal Regulatory Commission

The History of Tomorrow - David C. Williams, Inspector General, Office of Inspector General, United States Postal Service

The Voice of the Customer - Jody Berenblatt, SVP Global Postal Strategy and Enterprise Operations, Bank of America

Public/Private Relationships – Creating a Successful Postal Alliance - Carl W. Asmus, Vice President – International Market Development, FedEx Service

Optimal Value-Added Discounts in the Future of the Postal Service - Paul Vogel, Deloitte and Touche

Managing Declining Demand: Lessons from the Railroads - David Levy, Partner, Venable LLP, and Matthew Field, Associate, Venable LLP

The Future of the Postal Service: Mail and Environment
Larry Buc, President, SLS Consulting, Inc.

Future Business Model for USPS - Mary Anne Gibbons and Linda Kingsley, Senior Vice Presidents, General Counsel and Strategic
Planning, United States Postal Service

Q&A/Concluding Discussion - Michael Crew

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