Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why UPS May Be Falling Behind in B-2-C Delivery

For some reason, one of the most frequent Google searches that lead people to this blog is "UPS Surepost"  I checked out that search and I found that while UPS offers this product, it makes almost no effort to tell customers looking for cheap delivery of parcels between 1 and 10 pounds that it has a price competitive service.  Here is the top part of the page that a Google Search of UPS Surepost looks like. (click on the UPS Surepost to see the full page)

Does that look like a page written by someone who wants to market a service? For postal people, it looks a lot like what the domestic mail manual may have looked like 20 years ago, a document written by bureaucrats for bureaucrats.   Click on the competitor's websites and see how companies that really want to market this service. 

FedEx SmartPost

DHL Global Mail Parcel Plus



As noted, in a previous post, the Postal Service's fastest growing products are Parcel Return Service and Parcel Select.  UPS may be offering both services, but I am willing to bet they will have a tougher time selling their customers on what are the fastest growing parcel products in the United States as long as they keep advertising this service on the web as poorly as they do. 

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