Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Every Door Direct Mail - How it is Being Used

The Postal Service has published its first quarterly report on the use of its newest product, Every Door Direct Mail .  Every Door Direct Mail creates a simplified process for small saturation mailings for local advertisers.  The early data suggests that Every Day Direct Mail is serving the types of customers that it was designed to serve.  A quick search of the web also indicates the product has created opportunities for small printers and mailing houses.

With an average mailing size under 2,000 pieces, Every Day Direct Mail clearly is being used by advertisers that mail to a rather limited geographic area.  

Most customers are new to the Postal Service with only 8.6% using other Postal Service products.    It is also clear that many customers used Every Day Direct Mail more than once as the average customer used the product 2.25 times in the quarter.  This figure may underestimate repeat customers as customers added near the end of the quarter would not have had the opportunity to use the service a second time.

Every Day Direct Mail likely generated a little over $1 million in the quarter.  Given that over 90% of the customers do not use other Postal Service products, most of this revenue is from new customers to mail advertising.

The Postal Service also reported data on mail volume by day of the week.  the data suggests that Every Day Direct Mail customers are choosing delivery days designed to drive end-of-the-week and weekend sales.

Every Day Direct Mail appears to have spawned marketing efforts among a number of printers who are promoting the product to sell printing and mail preparation services.   Some even are offering to handle the entire transaction process for a fee rather than have the advertiser deal directly with the Postal Service.  

Examples of vendors marketing Every Day Direct Mail on the web includes:

Sonic Print

 Printing for Less

 Postcard Wiz

Direct Mail Tools

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