Saturday, August 20, 2011

USPS Taking Market Share in Parcel Delivery

In the FY11 third quarter, the Postal Service reported growth in nearly all parcel and express products that equalled or exceeded industry growth rates.   The growth rates were as follows.
  • First Class Parcels - 9.7%
  • Standard Parcels - 6.7%
  • Parcel Post - 14.2%
  • Express Mail - (3.9%)
  • Priority Mail - 3.6%
  • Parcel Select - 28.7%
  • Parcel Return Service - 38.2%
  • Total All Domestic Parcel Services - 9.1%
For comparison, United Parcel Service saw a 0.6% increase in its domestic volume in the same quarter and Fedex volume from March through May, 2011 grew 6.6% in the United States. More than half of FedEx's growth was in Postal Service delivered parcels

The fastest growing products are the Parcel Select and Parcel Return Service products that FedEx, UPS, Neugistcs and others are convincing customers to use in order to reduce delivery and return costs.

Two of the fastest growing products are products that require a Post Office or a contract postal outlet.  Parcel Post cannot be bought on line and Parcel Return Service parcels require a brick-and mortar outlet to drop the parcel.

The Village Post Office does not offer these products.  Maybe it should?  If it did, what revenue should a Village Post Office get from a Parcel Return Service parcel and how would an operator of a Village Post Office calculate and put postage on Parcel Post parcels?


Anonymous said...

How can this be?? According to Conservatives, the Post Office is dead!! Just privatize it, or let it just die a natural death, who cares!! This article must be commie liberal socialist propaganda............

Jack said...

You can send a package ParcelPost, over the internet. You just can't do it with the post office web sight. Go to PayPal and you can pay for the parcel post package through then. GO to google and type in sending parcel post through paypal and you can find links to how this is done.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said

And guess what? The Post Office, in trying to constantly increase productivity at the expense of its aging population of mail carriers, does not give mail carriers credit for the time it takes to deliver parcels when adjusting their routes! We mail carriers have noticed that parcels are on the increase, but we do need time to take them to our customers doors!