Monday, March 14, 2011

Why the Postal Service Matters: UPS Surepost

FedEx has been offering a branded joint-line service with the Postal Service for some time now.   United Parcel Service will likely soon market its joint line service under a new name "UPS Surepost" rather than previous unappealing name, "UPS Basic."

The name UPS Surepost name was trademarked in 2010.   The name does not appear on UPS's website but based on posts on Able Commerce Shopping Cart Software and Browncafe, it appears that UPS is test marketing the brand and the service.  Information on UPS Surepost is also available on a web page dedicated to UPS Worldship software.

Information available on this servcie from the Worldship help information is as follows:
  • The UPS SurePost services combines UPS shipping with USPS-delivery to customers' mailboxes.
  • UPS WorldShip determines if UPS or the USPS completes the final mile of delivery of each shipment.
  • UPS Surepost allows delivery to any point in all 50 states, APO/FPO/DPO addresses, PO Boxes, and US territory Ship To destinations.
  • UPS Surepost shipments are validated and processed like small packages.
  • Each shipment must be a single piece forward shipment. The shipment navigation bar becomes inactive.
  • Four UPS SurePost services are available:
    • SurePost Less than 1 lb,
    • SurePost 1 lb or Greater,
    • SurePost Bound Printed Matter, and
    • SurePost Media
  • An Endorsement value is required for USPS-delivery shipments.
  • Two sub-classes are available if you have a contract and select SurePost Less than 1 lb in the UPS Service box.
  • The total dimension of the package cannot exceed
    • 130 inches if you select SurePost Less than 1 lb or SurePost 1 lb or Greater or
    • 108 inches if you select SurePost Bound Printed Matter or SurePost Media
    • Package dimensions are measured by adding the package length to twice the width and twice the height.   (length + (2 x width) + (2 x  height))
  • The total package cannot weigh more than 70 pounds.

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