Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Postal Employees Could Face Increased Contribution for Health Care Insurance

Postal News has reported that Senator John McCain has offered an amendment to Senate Bill 493 that would force the Postal Service to increase the share of the health insurance and life insurance premiums that employees pay.   The amemdment would set a floor on employee health insurance contribution equal to what Federal employees pay.  The amendment puts severe restrictions on Postal Service borrowing and payments to the Postal Service from the U.S. Treasury if it does not change how much employees contribute to their health and life insurance premium.  It is not clear if the amendment would prohibit the Treasury from paying for postage for mailings of Congress or executive departments.

Senate Bill 493 reauthorizes a number of popular Small Business Administartion programs.  These include the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and  the Federal and State Technology Partnership (FAST) programs. 

According to Thomas, the legislative information service of the Library of Congress, the bill is currently on the Senate floor.   It is on the legislative agenda for today so it is possible that Senator McCain's ammendment will be considered by the Senate either today or shortly thereafter.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Senator McCain and ALL the rest of Congress, START paying for THEIR health care and benefits?

It would help ALL of America if Congress did not have their own SPECIAL retirement fund. They should get retirement from Social Security just like the people they are supposed to represent, instead of their SPECIAL deal. They get benefits for life, even if they only serve two years in Congress.

Congress, start looking in the mirror, before you start taking away from hard working people.

Maybe Congress should get paid by "What they get accomplished" or a percent of how well the people in their state is doing. Might make Congress help the people more.

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