Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wither e-mail advertising

So far today I have received 29 e-mail advertisements.   All of the ads are from vendors that I have used in the past so none of them are "spam"  The only way I know that I received 29 is that I have put all my ads into a separate folder called "vendor ads" in Outlook.  Included in those 29 were 4 identical ads from Office Depot and 2 identical ads from Booking Buddy.   

Today is typical.  Yesterday the number of ads was 33 and that included duplicates from four different vendors and one vendor sending two different e-mails to me within seconds of each other.  

Ever since I began putting the ads in a folder, I no longer see them every day.   I look at them at most once every couple of days when I need a break or know I have to buy something and need to see if anyone is selling what I need.  They clearly will not receive the immediate impact that the sender expected.

It is no wonder that the value of e-mail advertising is declining due to the clutter it creates.  it must be worse for those that use web based mail services and have to go though all of their ads one by one.   I am so overwhelmed by the number of ads, and messages from groups that I am a member of on LinkedIn that I am afraid to have my iPhone get my e-mail in addition to my laptop.

Maybe there is a future for physical mail after all.

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