Monday, February 28, 2011

OMB Not Testifying at

Congressman Dennis Ross has just tweeted that OMB is not testifying at the Postal Service hearing this Wednesday. 

" RepDennisRoss
OMB refusing to testify at our Oversight Hearing this Wed. on the looming financial crisis in the postal service. "

The tweet makes reference to the Daily Caller article which uses the term "bailout" in its headline.
The article does not interview anyone who called the Obama budget proposal  for the postal service a "bailout".  

The loss of OMB as a witness as it eliminates the possibility of putting the Obama administration on the record on postal policy.   The reference to the Daily Caller article raises concerns that the focus of the committee may be on the "bailout" and not the future of the future of the Postal market.



mn4470 said...

How, can a bailout occur if Congress has mis-managed all the money? The recently revealed $60 billion that the Postal Service has overpaid to the government in retirement charges seems to have disappeared and with Congress refusing to pay it back, and this is the Postal Services fault?

Congress has become an institution of legalized thievry!

Impeach Congress ! ! !

mn4470 said...

Congressional legal thievry ! First Congress overcharges the Post Office for it's contribution to the retirement funds to the tune of $60 billion. Then it refuses to give the money back decrying that the Post Office is broken and we have to lower services and close offices.
Then they set up (2006 PAEA) a "pre-payment" system for retiree health benefits that no other agency is forced to do, effectively strangling the Post Office during a recession and are "shocked" when the Post Office has no money.

Where is the money Congress?

This is what street thieves call the shell game.