Friday, July 2, 2010

Postal Service to Announce Price Changes

The Postal Service will announce the price changes that will be included in its exigent rate case on Tuesday, July 6, 2010.    The Postal Service will then file the rate changes with the Postal Regulatory Commission shortly thereafter.    The Postal Regulatory Commission will have 90 days to review these rates.

The rules regarding written comments on the Postal Service's proposal in an exigent rate increases define the 3 issues that will like be the focus of the PRC's decision on the proposed rates.  They are:
  1. The sufficiency of the justification for an exigent rate increase;
  2. The adequacy of the justification for increases in the amounts requested by the Postal Service; and
  3. Whether the specific rate adjustments requested are reasonable and equitable.
As this will be the first exigent rate case, it would not be surprising if any decision is taken to court regardless of whether the PRC approves the Postal Service's proposed rates as they are presented, modifies the proposed rates or rejects them.

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