Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comparing the Postal Service and Canada Post in Advertising

Today, I received the following e-mail   It shows how a company that sells envelopes, mailers, and folders is using the Postal Service's problems to sell its products.  What is striking in the copy is how it contrasts the management of the Postal Service with Canada Post.  This has got to hurt at L'Enfant Plaza.  It shouldn't as the difference between the two reflects not management ability but the business model that the enterprise most operate under.  The Postal Service still operates closer to a government department model than it often admits publicly.  Canada Post operates under a business model that is very close to the standard Canadian corporate model.

While Canada Post may not really be "a model of corporate efficiency," it has maintained its profitability as it handled the growth of electronic communications.   In doing so, Canada Post is the North American example of corporatized and privatized national posts that provide universal service profitably while facing increases physical and electronic delivery competition.

Dear Alan,
While stories abound of the U.S. Postal Service's dire straits, its Canadian counterpart is a model of corporate efficiency. And we at Conformer are proud and privileged to contribute to those efforts. Canada Post now offers Conformer mailers at its 6,200-plus postal outlets, based on superior performance in independent testing.

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Conformer Products Inc. is proud to announce that Canada Post, Canada’s largest retail and transportation network, is switching to Conformer products for its Xpresspost™ and Priority™ Next A.M. domestic prepaid envelopes.  The new envelopes are now available across Canada Post’s retail network of over 6,200 postal outlets.

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