Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Senator Coburn on the Postal Service: Free Management

CNN interviews Senator Tom Coburn on the Postal Service.   In his answers to John King's questions his focus is on freeing management to run the Postal Service with the same flexibility any other business would have to meet market demand.  He does not indicate support for any approach to Postal reform but clearly states that operating subsidies are out of the question as far as he is concerned. 

Senator Coburn clearly shows his support for the current Postmaster General and appears to indicate that he would trust him to run the enterprise if he had the freedom to run it.  He also clearly states that there is no money to return the Postal Service to a government taxpayer supported model. 

Why he indicates his support for greater management flexibility in negotiating labor contracts, he does go further to suggest that existing contracts should be broken.

I apologize for the commercial at the beginning, but that was the only way to get the intro and the full interview.  It is worth a listen as it provides another clue as to what a bi-partisan postal reform bill might look like.


Anonymous said...

nonedoThis management group has squandered and bankrupted a fortune five hundred monopoly and now they want to let them have a free reign of the health care and retirement plans . I hope someone with some smarts stands up and ask why they have so much upper management thats not accountable for anything.

Anonymous said...

USPS claims they need to cut jobs. Then why are they hiring?

Anonymous said...

It is so easy for someone that is not affected to tell others how it should be. He is saying it is ok to dump on 120,000 people that need the job they have!