Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House of Representatives Losing Post Offices

Today the Postal Service announced that the beginning of a study to close 3653 Post Offices.  Among the list are four on Capital Hill.
  • Capital Station
  • Cannon Station
  • Longworth Station
  • Rayburn Station.
For those not familiar with the geography of Capital Hill, the list includes retail stations located in each of the three offices in the House of Representative and one office located on the House side of the Capital next to the flag office.

The four Post Offices in the House of Representatives are run by the Postal Service due to the Post Office Scandal of the early 1990's.  If it turns out that these offices are money losing, then it would appear that the Postal Service has been subsidizing the administration of the House of Representatives for a very long time.

No Post Offices are slated for a closure study in the Senate as the Post Office in the Dirksen Senate Office Building is a contract station. 

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