Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The APWU Contract Takes Effect

The Postal Service has begun taking advantage of the APWU contact by issuing hiring announcements for Postal Support Employees (PSE's) nationwide.  PSE's should become a major part of the workforce at a signicantly lower cost to the Postal Service within two months. 

The initial pay is as follows:
  • PSE Custodian $12.00
  • PSE Clerk: $12.38 or $14.60 depending on location
  • PSE Motor Vehicle Driver: $15.85
Beyond salary and employment taxes, the Postal Service will have minimal benefit expenses for the first year. 

The impact of these new hires on Postal Service labor costs should be clear by September.

Here are the details of one announcement.

Job Title

Facility Location
SPRINGFIELD, OR 97477-1186

Position Information

TITLE: PSE (Postal Support Employee) Non-Career position NTE (not to exceed) 360 day appointment

There is NO guaranteed number of work hours. This is night shift work, swing shift and graveyard shifts, evenings and weekends. Your schedule will be based on mail volume, availability of the regular work force and the needs of the service. You must be available to report to work on short notice. Work schedules vary from facility to facility and week to week. No
guarantee of number of hours per day or days per week.

Salary $14.60 per hour limited to NTE 360 appointment

Limited benefits include opportunities for raises, paid vacation days, and access to health insurance after the first 360 day term.


Anonymous said...

Gee do you think these people will join the union? Job description sounds pretty bad. Good luck to all, better than no job I suppose. This is more of the end for middle class America.

PaleWriter said...

Oh Yeah... they'll join and elect APWU health insurance so the PO will pay 75%. Any other FEHB insurance will cost participant 100% out of pocket!

VancouverMark said...

If you don't like what's going on with the new contract, and you voted "yes" to the new contract, shut ur piehole. You're getting what you voted for, and yes, you threw your fellow Postal employee's under the bus.

Al said...

I have been a Postmaster relief/replacement for 4 years. Now my job is going away because of this contract. It appears that there is no guarantee that I will be rehired or that if I am hired, that I will be assigned to my current office. Apparently I and my postmaster are just SOL.

Because I like my current job, I will probably move to a level 11 or 13 office. At least I will have predictability in my work schedule.

Anonymous said...

Hey Al, Ask your cousin, the postmaster what you should do.

Anonymous said...

Some of us tried to tell you that there were too many gray areas in the TA, where HQ can play with workers like little plastic soldiers. Told ya so, told ya so told ya so!!!!!!