Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chalenge of Rural Postal Servcies

Sometimes a picture is all that is is needed to illustrate the problem of rationalizing retail postal servcies in rural America.   Haswell, Colorado is a town of 84 people in 2000 Kiowa County which had a population of less than 2000


The picture implies that in a town this size, it may be tough finding any business that can thrive let alone a Post Office.  The Post Office is open 4 and 1/2 hours weekdsays and three on Saturday

Looking at the county web site found a second Post Office in the town of Sheridan Lake, CO, population 66.  The Post Office sign is on the first floor of what appears to be a coverted school building.

Eads, the county seat of Kiowa County sits about halfway between  Haswell and Sheridan Lake whicha re 47 miles apart. It also has a Post Office and appears to be the only town in the county with a "downtown" based on pictures on the county website.

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