Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Missed Opportunity in the USPS Oversight Hearing

It is too bad that not one of the Congressman was prepared to ask Postmaster General Pat Donahoe these questions.
  • How did you derive the $3.8 billion in savings from the APWU contract?
  • How much of that savings will come in each year of the contract?
  • Could you increase the savings from the APWU contract if you offered early retirement incentives to APWU members?
  • How much would the incentives needed to get those incentives cost the Postal Service?


Chauncy said...

They knew that he would not be able to answer them.

sanddemon51 said...

Daryol Issa, began to ask this question, but never got to it.....what kind of incentive will it take to get the postal workforce levels down to 400k.....giving incentives to just 7500 management and postmasters is not going to be enough, nor will straight attrition.....if you want people to leave, who are 55 and older and qualify for retirement you must offer something.....let's remember when people leave their full time jobs and retire, there are no part time jobs to move in on......this economy has seen to that!