Thursday, March 4, 2010

Postal Service as Political Football

A tweet from Fred Thompson

Postal Service to lose $238B. How about Obama makes Post Office "deficit neutral" before we let him take a shot at health care?

This is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Previous administration had the chance to do the same and passed on it.
Why should this president be any different?

USBS said...

The USPS just showed that out of the 32000 Post Offices, only 6000 were able to show a profit. Let Fred Thompson close the 26000 Post Offices that lose money every year and then personally answer all of the letters and emails from the affected citizens. Either the Postal System is a government service or it is a business. It can't be both. Otherwise we should use our military to plunder every country to make sure it is a break even agency also, if break even is the new paradigm for our government departments.