Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving the Mailstream - Mail Systems Technology

There is no better example of the impact of digital documents than what is happening to trade publications. This shift is particularly hard on the Postal Service as it removes from the delivery network mail going to high density business addresses.   Now the trade publication for the mailing industry is now shifting from print to digital publication.   If a journal targeted to companies that produce mail no longer use the mail, then which ones will in the future?

Check out the digital edition of Mail Systems Technology.  When you flip through the pages on your computer think about how this would look on an iPad, Kindle or other tablet computer.  Looks like a good fit.

Note:   You can see how blogs like this one are changing trade journalism.   The November 24th post The Future of the Document is the Future of Mail, is reprinted on page 24 in the issue linked above.   Those who read this blog learned about the link between types of documents and mail over two months before subscribers to the magazine.

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